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Deadly Mac app tracks your every move online (for conspicuous purpose)

You can now download a new Mac app aptly named Rewind. The makers of the app aim to offer “the search engine of a lifetime” with this software. Leveraging the power of Apple silicon, they can help you find everything you’ve ever said, seen and heard.

That sounds pretty intense and probably terrifying to many people. The Mac app is created by people who previously worked at Twitter and Spotify, so it seems like they know their stuff. Rewind can reportedly compress raw recordings 3,750 times, so you can save a lot of that.

Mac app Rewind now available for download

Why you would do that? Well, so you can search through it at a later time. Rewind was created on the foundation of a bot called Scribe, which records meetings. Later, you can then find and share those meetings as needed. With that bot, you can retrieve everything you’ve ever said, seen and heard.

Rewind is by design local and private. So that means that all files are only on your own Mac and only you have access to everything you save. And count on being able to store a lot of files. For example, a 10.5 GB raw recording can be reduced to a file of only 2.8 MB, or so the promise goes.

Also all the words on the screen

This allows you to store anything for years, even when you don’t have that much space on your Mac. Furthermore, it does not require a cloud connection. Also, the program uses native macOS APIs that index “all the words on the screen.” And with automatic speech recognition, the app saves everything it hears.

The idea behind Rewind is that you never have to worry about lost content again. But there is also a big danger in this kind of app, because what if someone gets access to your Mac? Can you also use this kind of data in lawsuits? Those answers, however, the creators remain indebted to us.

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