Dell takes on Apple Pro Display with new display

Dell takes on Apple Pro Display with new display

The days of the Apple Pro Display being the best monitor for professionals may be over. Dell has announced that it is coming out with a new monitor with better specs and a (possibly) lower price.

Many people who work with high-resolution images such as designers and film editors swear by the Apple Pro XDR display. After all, it is king when it comes to high resolution and color accuracy. But the days of that hegemony may soon be over.

Is Dell pushing Apple for the throne?

Dell is not mincing its words: they are definitely going to use their elbows to gain a foothold in this high-end market. Indeed, the new display will be a 32-inch 6K UltraSharp display with a built-in 4K webcam. The IPS panel has “high contrast and deeper blacks,” according to Dell. So you can bet on that.

According to specific specs, the display is 6133 by 3456 pixels with 223 PPI (pixels per inch), slightly higher than Apple’s Pro Display XDR. Apple’s Pro Display XDR is 6016 by 3384 pixels with 218 PPI (pixels per inch).

Mac Pro and Pro XDR Display.The overpriced Pro Display XDR. (Image: Apple)

Versatile connections

Users also have nothing to complain about in terms of connections. On the back of Dell’s 32-inch 6K UltraSharp display are several ports, including Thunderbolt 4 with up to 140 W of power delivery, USB-A, Ethernet, HDMI and DP 2.1.

The front of the display also has access to two USB-C and one USB-A port via a flip-out section, giving you faster access to connect accessories and peripherals.

Dell says the display will be available later this year but has not released pricing details. Apple’s Pro Display XDR costs $4,999 for the standard version and $5,999 for the nano version. The Pro Display XDR does not come with a stand, which must be purchased separately for $999.

The chances of Dell undercutting these surely exorbitant prices are therefore quite high. Previously, LG went up against Apple with the much cheaper Ultrafine.