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Developer brings iOS to Android (but…)

It’s the choice you have to make when you want to buy a smartphone: will it be iOS or Android after all? Both operating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. Still, it is possible to get iPhone apps on an Android, but it doesn’t really work well.

For this, developer Ciciplusplus has built a special emulator for iOS to Android. So this makes it possible to play apps for an iPhone, for example, on a Samsung or a OnePlus.

iOS on Android

Still, it doesn’t mean you can immediately install all iPhone apps on your Android, because not everything will work equally well. Of course, the iOS apps are made specifically for the iPhone, which is built out of different hardware and software.

You often see emulators in the gaming world. For example, there are emulators of the Gameboy and Nintendo DS. They are mainly then older models because they have munder security systems on them and have somewhat less complex hardware.

Earlier this year, developer Hikari no Yume released touchHLE. It is an emulator that brought iOS apps to Mac and Windows. Incidentally, this did not involve all iPhone apps. Only some older games could be played such as Super Monkey Ball and Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D.

Well, that was Mac and Windows, now that iOS emulator is also available for Android. Ciciplusplus has now ported that emulator and that it can run that way on Android. So with that you just play those old iPhone games on a Samsung.


What is an emulator?

An emulator is a software program that emulates the functions of a specific hardware device on another device. This allows the emulator to run software that could otherwise only run on the emulated device. For example, a Gameboy emulator can play Gameboy games on a computer.

Don’t expect iPhone apps to work properly

Still, there is a big but. The ported iOS emulator for Android only works on devices running on chips that have an AArch64 architecture. In addition, this version has only been tested with Super Monkey Ball and it remains to be seen if and how well other games work.

Nevertheless, do you still want to use the emulator? You can find it here.

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