Does the revamped CarPlay mean the end of Android Auto

Does the revamped CarPlay mean the end of Android Auto?

Apple plans to expand CarPlay significantly in the coming months, and Google seems to be already taking this into account. What exactly does this mean for Android Auto? There is some confusion about the future of the smart car platform, but that doesn’t mean that Android Auto will disappear completely now, of course.

Of course, the confusion comes from somewhere. Recently, Google decided to scrap the Android Auto experience for smartphones. Instead, users can go into Assistant Driving Mode. That special mode is available for your smartphone, which you hang from your car’s windshield or dashboard.

Two versions of Android Auto

What some people don’t know is that there are two versions of Android Auto. In addition to the smartphone version, of course, you also have Android Auto which comes standard in a car. You use that system on a built-in screen or a third-party screen. This system is also powered by your phone.

WWDC 2022 CarPlayCarplay will be more comprehensive than ever (Image: Apple)

So the Driving Mode assistant takes over from the smartphone version of Android Auto; so the in-car operating system doesn’t disappear. In fact, if you’re using Auto now, you can assume you’ll continue to use the system. It’s just that it will be called differently on your phone.

Is CarPlay causing a stir?

Perhaps Google is doing this because the company feels Apple’s hot breath on its neck. After all, CarPlay is getting bigger and more comprehensive. We can expect many updates for CarPlay in the future. These will include the option to manage climate control, while you also see information about your fuel level, speed and temperature on screen.

It’s entirely up to you what information you see on screen, by the way. You can also choose the weather, the navigation system and the level of your smartphone battery. CarPlay can automatically adapt to the resolution of a screen. In addition, it looks a bit like having an iPad mounted in your car.

Meanwhile, many automakers already let it be known that they want to work with CarPlay. Ford, Audi, Jaguar-Land Rover, Nissan, Volvo and Polestar, among others, want to get started with the next generation of the car system. Finally, Apple let it be known that 98 percent of new cars support CarPlay, and that 79 percent of people looking to buy a car consider that feature before purchasing.

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