Doorbell or smart lock thanks to Eufy you dont have

Doorbell or smart lock: thanks to Eufy you don’t have to choose anymore

Eufy announces a product via Kickstarter that combines two useful gadgets into one device: a smart lock and a doorbell with a video camera. The gadget is being offered for $399 and may ship in May 2022. The unique product combines some useful elements of both product types.

The Eufy Video Smart Lock offers a fingerprint scanner and numpad, which you use to open the smart lock at the door. In addition, the camera system in the doorbell recognizes who is at the door. You then also get an immediate notification of this on your smartphone, as is the case with other video doorbells from Eufy.

Special product from Eufy

By the way, the special doorbell is quite special. Owners of a smart lock and a smart doorbell often run into a simple problem. First, you have to open one app to see who’s ringing the doorbell. And then you have to open another app to open the door (provided you want to, of course).

eufy smart doorbellNew product from Eufy (Image: Eufy)

So this product takes away those extra actions, and the extra waiting time at the front door. Because with one product, and with one app, you control both of those things. There are some other snags with this Euphrey doorbell. For example, you can’t easily set the angle of the camera, so you can’t see packages, for example.

Doorbell and smart lock in one

In addition, we don’t yet know how long the doorbell and smart lock in one package will take to drain the battery. The battery has a capacity of 10,000 mAh, but we can imagine that it will be empty in no time. The camera in the doorbell has all the features you would expect from such devices.

Think of a 2K resolution, night vision, a viewing angle of 160 degrees and a speaker a microphone for communication. In addition, the camera recognizes people and there is a motion sensor. You can also control the product with your voice when you pair it with another smart system in the house.

For more information, you can now visit Eufy’s Kickstarter page. It doesn’t look like the manufacturer is shipping to Europe; but perhaps that will change with enough interest.

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