DuckDuckGo blocks new Google feature causing considerable annoyance

DuckDuckGo blocks new Google feature causing considerable annoyance

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that values privacy, but the service does more. Now it is announcing a new feature that will put an end to a major Google annoyance.

One of the most annoying things on the Internet is, of course, pop-ups. They often come unsolicited when you are viewing a page and then you have to click them away again. A new example of this is to log in through Google. DuckDuckGo puts an end to that.

DuckDuckGo blocks irritating Google pop-up

Indeed, the app is going to block those kinds of pop-ups. You come across them on certain sites like Reddit and So that when you load the website, the Google sign-in option comes right up. So now that will be prevented.

DuckDuckGo now prevents that in all the services it offers. So that means those pop-ups will be blocked in the apps for iOS and Android, as well as in the extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Edge. According to the search engine, this will spare users from annoying and misleading pop-ups. This will provide a cleaner experience and more privacy.

DuckDuckGo GoogleVery irritating. (Image: DuckDuckGo)

‘A dark pattern’

Being able to quickly log into a site seems to make your life a little easier, but it’s mostly beneficial to Google. That way the company can collect data about you even more easily. Because the pop-up is so prominent, it seems difficult to avoid, according to DuckDuckGo.

With the new feature of, by the way, you can still log in through Google, but only if you want to. “Google uses a dark pattern by forcing you to log in when you might not otherwise have done so,” DuckDuckGo product director Peter Dolanjski tells Gizmodo.

To use the new feature, you don’t have to install a new DuckDuckGo app. You can just use your current app or extension and update it.