Duolingo 5 special languages you can learn with the app

Duolingo: 5 special languages you can learn with the app

If you want to learn English or French, Duolingo is the ideal app. Still, you can brush up on many more unusual languages through the application.

Do you want to learn a new language? Chances are you’re using Duolingo for that. In a fun and playful way you can master a new language. In Dutch you can learn French, German and English. But there are many other special languages.

Learning a language through Duolingo

To learn special languages on Duolingo, you do have to do it from English. But if you speak English reasonably well, it’s a breeze. Of course, you can choose to learn Spanish or Italian via English, but there are many other special languages. We list them here.

High Valyrian

We can imagine that this name doesn’t mean anything to you, but presumably you’ve heard it before. The language is spoken in Game of Thrones and soon in its prequel House of the Dragon. It is the language of the Targaryen family, the ancestors of Daenerys. Via Duolingo you can learn quite a few words and phrases.


High Valyrian is not the only fictional language in Duolingo. You can also try your best to speak Klingon. You may know this language from Star Trek. That language manages to make such an impression that an opera and a play have even been developed in it. For example, ghotI is fish and a hangover after too much beer is called uH. To know how to pronounce it all you will really have to practice via the app.


Esperanto was conceived by the Polish Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof in 1887. He designed it specifically to allow people from different cultures to communicate with each other. As such, it is a neutral language designed to ensure that national interests do not permeate the language. To get people to speak it, it also had to be fairly simple. Also, because it is not a native language for anyone, no one has a significant advantage in speaking the language either. Yet there is also criticism. Namely, the language would be too European and sexist. Nevertheless, you can learn it yourself via Duolingo.


Navajo is only a language that has only 170,000 native speakers. The language is spoken by the Navajo tribe living in the southern United States. Through special education programs, the community hopes to increase interest in the language. In the past, the U.S. Navy even used Navajo Indians to exchange messages so the Japanese couldn’t crack them. Now you can speak it yourself with the help of Duolingo.

Scottish Gaelic on Duolingo

When you think of Scotland, you naturally think of the United Kingdom. The official language in the country is, of course, English. However, in addition to that language, Scots and Scottish Gaelic are also recognized as official languages. The latter is particularly special, as it has only 58,000 native speakers. It is the language of a Celtic tribe in the Scottish Highlands. Unfortunately, the number of people who speak the language is going down and if no measures are taken the language will die out within 10 years. Fortunately, the language is now on Duolingo which means more people can now learn it.

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