Dutch Apple Store now sells smart locks

The Dutch Apple Store is now selling Nuki products. So announces that company today through a press release. It concerns a range of smart locks that can be bought exclusively at the, offline and online, stores.

Nuki’s products have been on sale for some time, but as of now there is also an exclusive bundle sold in the Apple Store. The focus at the moment is mainly on the most recent model.

Apple Store sells smart locks

That most recent model is now available separately at the Apple Store. For €149 you can get the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0. In addition, an exclusive bundle is being sold to take your smart lock to a slightly higher level. It’s a €249 bundle consisting of three different products. Besides the Smart Lock 3.0 you also get the Nuki Keypad and the Nuki Fob. The latter is a Bluetooth-enabled remote control that opens your door with a single touch. Thanks to the Keypad, a door can be opened by using a six-digit code.

The smart lock (Image: Nuki)

Apple customers can thus exclusively purchase the lock. At the Apple Store, the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 is available in white. Follow this link for more information on delivery times and availability.

Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 with HomeKit

By the way, it’s not surprising that the Apple Store is selling Nuki’s smart lock. This is because the new Smart Lock 3.0 works extremely well with HomeKit. Through the Home app it is possible to control the lock with your Mac, iPhone or iPad. You easily add an automation through this. This could be that the door is locked after a certain time or that the lights go on when the door is opened. Functionalities you can not only use at home, but also remotely.

According to Nuki itself, the smart lock is easy to install, without screws or drilling. Sounds very easy, but whether this also works in practice we have yet to experience.

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