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Elon Musk sees big nightmare return on Twitter

Since returning to Twitter, Elon Musk has taken some rigorous measures. Many accounts have had their blocks lifted, while other users have suffered.

One of the most famous Twitter users right now besides Elon Musk is Jack Sweeny. The 20-year-old University of Central Florida student caused quite an uproar on the platform after his account was banned by Twitter and, in his wake, a number of journalists as well. Now he’s back.

Elon Musk’s big nightmare is back on Twitter

Jack Sweeny owns the account ElonJet. He showed on the medium the flight movements of Elon Musk’s private plane. The billionaire couldn’t laugh about that. He felt it was an attack on his safety. “I don’t like the idea of being shot down by some lunatic,” he said.

In a message to Jack Sweeny at the time, Elon Musk offered him $5,000 to delete the account. When Sweeny asked if he could get a Tesla Model 3 or $50,000, the entrepreneur did not back down. When the Tesla boss took ownership of the social medium, the account was banned.

A hefty discussion

The blocking of Sweeny caused a deeper discussion. Journalists who denounced the issue were subsequently blocked as well. Eventually, Elon Musk came up with a poll on whether Twitter should lift the blocking. Something the majority of users agreed with.

The journalists got their Twitter accounts back, but not Sweeny. His account is still blocked. But the student is steadfast and is now back with a new account on Twitter that is slightly different.

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Landed in Oakland, California, US. Apx. flt. time 3 Hours : 20 Mins. (24 hours ago) pic.twitter.com/1KpLKjUrGV

– ElonJet but Delayed (@ElonJetNextDay) December 22, 2022

Jack Sweeny won’t give up

Sweeny is still following Elon Musk’s plane, but is now posting with a day’s delay. This is probably how Sweeny hopes to get out from under the security argument.

So far, the account is still online on Twitter. The big question, of course, is whether it will stay that way. In any case, Sweeny is not giving up easily. On Twitter competitor Mastadon, he does just have an account where he continues to follow Elon Musk’s plane live.