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Facebook now lets you have multiple accounts (but why?)

Facebook will now allow users to link multiple profiles to their account, even though the company previously did not want them to. You can now connect up to five profiles to your online identity with the company. This is still part of a test, so the details of the new options may change.

The goal of the test is to reconnect people to the platform. Facebook is losing users and not winning over young people. They are mainly occupied with TikTok and Instagram. Fortunately, parent company Meta also owns the latter platform, but that is obviously not enough.

Facebook tests multiple profiles

Although a Facebook representative confirms the test to Bloomberg, it is not clear how big or wide the experiment is. It is also not clear when everyone will have access to the additional features. In any case, when the time comes, users will be able to go several ways with their online persona.

Apple Facebook Mark ZuckerbergThe Zuck (Image: AFP / Josh Edelson)

For example, you can create all kinds of profiles for different groups of friends and you can keep your interests separate. This test also marks a major change for the company. Because each profile must necessarily have a real name; if not, you can lose access to the large platform.

Your identity on the platform

Instagram does allow users to create multiple profiles under one account, without having to use their real name. But on Facebook, this has worked differently for years, several people have found. In some cases, users have to send a copy of their ID card or passport…

But when you can link multiple profiles to one account, that means you can provide a different name for four other profiles, if you want. Facebook will still know who you are and what you’re up to, but at least this way you can express and present yourself the way you want in the online world.

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