1643998387 Facebook rebuilds entire ad platform thanks to Apples ATT

Facebook rebuilds entire ad platform thanks to Apple’s ATT

Facebook is throwing a spanner in the works and is forced to overhaul its advertising platform because of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, among other things. Indeed, the infrastructure of that platform should still be able to present “high-quality personalized ads.” But that’s a bit of a struggle these days.

Meta-CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces this during the discussion of the most recent quarterly results. During that discussion, Zuckerberg cites, among other things, the “iOS changes” that Apple recently made. With that, the Facebook founder refers to the feature called App Tracking Transparency.

Facebook takes a different approach

By the way, that’s not the only thing that’s throwing a spanner in the works for Facebook. There are also much better laws today, in the European Union, that protect users’ privacy. Those are obstacles that ad companies like Meta have to work around. This results in there being “less data available.”

Google Facebook Zuckerberg illegal dealMark Zuckerberg (Image: EPA / Michael Reynolds)

“However,” Zuckerberg continued his message, “people still want relevant ads. And companies still want to reach the right people through our platforms. That’s why we’re restructuring our ad platform. This will allow us to continue to grow and everyone will be exposed to relevant ads.”

Meta needs to take action

That Facebook, and by extension Meta, must now take action is not very surprising. For the first time the social network shows a decline in monthly active users. As a result, sales only just exceeded expectations. The shares fell quickly when this news came out. And not to be outdone: by no less than twenty percent.

That Apple’s App Tracking Transparency would have an effect on the market, most experts and ad agencies agreed. But even so, it is interesting to see how such a powerful company as Meta has to change its course to remain relevant. So what about investing extra in the metaverse?

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