Fed up with Google Chrome These are the best browsers

Fed up with Google Chrome? These are the best browsers for Android

Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser on Android. Still, it is not wrong to look for another option.

Google Chrome is a handy online browser to surf the Internet with. But the Web browser for Android appears to secretly collect a lot of data about you. Even when you surf in Incognito mode. And that’s crazy, because Google specifically promised privacy.

So a good alternative is not a luxury. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there for Android users. We have listed our favorite browsers for you.

Done with Google Chrome: 5 handy alternatives for Android

A good browser is not only fast or easy to use. It’s also important that a Web browser preserves your privacy and online security. These five browsers for Android are really worth trying as far as we are concerned. Then you’ll never have to use Google Chrome again.

#1 Firefox: secure and stable

Google Chrome is hugely popular and therefore also a potential target of hackers. So it is not the safest way to surf the worldwide web. Firefox is a browser for Android that values privacy and online security.

The Web browser is known for its extensive privacy features, such as the ability to block trackers, and settings that let you control what you share online. With a strong focus on speed and stability, Firefox offers an intuitive user interface and regular updates to ensure that you, the user, have the best browsing experience.

FIrefox logoLogo of Mozilla Firefox (Image: Mozilla)

#2 DuckDuckGo: Google Chrome doesn’t stand a chance

Like Firefox, DuckDuckGo is a secure alternative to Google Chrome. You may already know the name from the well-known search engine, which allows you to browse the Internet without sharing personal information. The same company also has its own browser for Android.

DuckDuckGo’s digital browser contains no unnecessary bells and whistles, but is full of easier ways to keep trackers, crawlers and other scum out. Best of all, DuckDuckGo gives each website you visit a score based on online safety. For example, you want to stay far away from a website with an “F” and you can surf a site with an “A” without worry.

DuckDuckGo is now making life very difficult for Google ChromeDuckDuckGo. (Image: DuckDuckGo)

#3 Opera: the browser for Android with delightful features

This browser for Android is still a bit less known, but is wonderful to use because of several, useful features. For example, the Google Chrome alternative compresses websites, so you don’t consume a lot of MBs when you’re online.

Another notable feature of Opera is its built-in ad blocker, which allows users to block ads on Web pages without having to install external adblockers. The browser for Android also has a built-in VPN, which allows you to encrypt your Internet traffic, to further protect your online security.

#4 Brave: earn some extra by browsing the Internet

This alternative to Google Chrome is not only very convenient, but with a little luck, you’ll earn something for yourself. Brave blocks banners and ads to protect your privacy and make the browser faster. Instead, the web browser for Android offers its own ads. These are short push notifications that you may watch, but don’t have to.

If you do decide to watch an advertisement, you will receive ‘BAT tokens’ for it. These can be used in many different ways. For example, you can put them on a gift card or store them in your crypto wallet. So that way you get a nice reward for your patience.

brave browser Android appBrave Privacy Browser (Image: Play Store)

#5 Ecosia: the ideal browser for environmental enthusiasts

For people who think extra about the environment, there is of course a suitable Android browser. By using Ecosia, you lend a helping hand to nature while surfing the Internet.

Much of the ad revenue generated by Ecosia is used to plant trees. The Google Chrome alternative aims to use the proceeds for reforestation projects around the world. Approximately one tree is planted after every search.

Ecosia web browserEcosia is doing well (Image: Ecosia)

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