Final Cut Pro X too expensive These are the best

Final Cut Pro X too expensive? These are the best (free) alternatives

Final Cut pro X is ideal for editing videos. The program has an endless zipper of features and techniques of the highest level. Unfortunately, all these gadgets come with a hefty price tag. Even though the software is definitely worth it, we completely understand if you need a (free) alternative.

There are several reasons why people seek an alternative to the program. One of the main reasons is the price. For Apple’s editing software you pay three hundred euros (!) Other factors are the user interface and clarity. Especially beginning users find it difficult to master the application quickly.

Say goodbye to Final Cut Pro X with thanks to these alternatives

Good editing software doesn’t have to be expensive at all, though. These five alternatives are not only extremely user-friendly, but also a lot cheaper. They have all been extensively tested and have a rating of at least four stars.

1. Blender: Final Cut Pro X for animations

Blender is an open-source 3D program, which you can use in all directions. In this software you can create 3D images, animations, simulations and games. In addition, the application supports motion tracking, so the images respond to your movements. The app is much easier to use and set up.

Download Blender here

2. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve 12 combines professional non-linear video editing with an advanced color corrector. This way you can edit, color, correct, finish and export all your videos from one system. According to users, DavinciResolve has more cool features than Final Cut Pro X and gets you to a final product faster.

Davinci ResolveResolve (Image: Blackmagic)

Install DaVinci Resolve via this link

3. Vegas Pro

All products in the Vegas Pro family make it easy to import and edit movies, images and music. The software is easy to understand for beginners and is simple to set up. Compared to Final Cut Pro X, this application has slightly fewer features. Still, you can create very impressive videos with it.

Vegas pro can be purchased here

4. Media Composer: a Final Cut Pro X alternative with real-time collaboration

Media Composer offers accelerated high resolution to HD workflows. The software allows you to collaborate and communicate with each other in real time. Furthermore, this program has the option to automate your media or use fixed profiles. This allows you to deliver high quality work quickly.

Score Media Composer at this link

5. PowerDirector

PowerDirector by CyberLink is ideal for business and personal use. The software has a huge number of features for creating, playing and sharing all kinds of digital media. Especially for novice users, the software is ideal. The alternative to Final Cut Pro X is extremely easy to use. The CyberLink YouTube channel offers free tutorials and online master classes.

Download CyberLink here

Looking for more alternatives?

Besides Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro is also on the expensive side. Are you curious about which applications are the best replacements for Adobe’s software? In this article we’ll tell you all about it!