Fortnite hit by Apple popular game gotten worse on iPhone

Fortnite hit by Apple, popular game gotten worse on iPhone

Fortnite hasn’t been on Apple’s App Store for a while. But if you still had the game on your iPhone, you can keep playing – two years later. However, the question is: Is that really convenient? Because by now the game has dated considerably and now the developer announces that some features no longer work.

Developer Epic Games do his story via Twitter. Do you have version 13.40 on your iPhone? Then, unfortunately, it is no longer possible to spend your V-Bucks (V-Bucks are the digital currency in the game). So it is no longer possible for players to buy all kinds of digital items in the popular game. And that’s quite a problem.

Fortnite on iPhone doesn’t get any better

By the way, this does not only apply to those who have version 13.40 on their iPhone. People who run the same variant on macOS or Android will also miss out from now on. Indeed, on those platforms, the game has also been banned. Additionally, all players must now be eighteen years of age or older.

Twitter is not loading because you did not give permission.

We want all versions of our games to use the current suite of Epic Online Services including parental controls, purchasing defaults, and parental verification features. We are not able to update the app on these platforms given Apple and Google’s restrictions on Fortnite (2/2).

– Fortnite Status (@FortniteStatus) January 23, 2023

How come all of a sudden? It has everything to do with the dated version of Epic Online Services. That’s a background service that manages things like parental controls and payments. It is very difficult for Epic Games to update that service, since its apps are thus no longer in the App Store.

Does anyone still play this version?

Probably not a big deal, since there may be few people playing this version. Yes, the game still works, but has not been getting new content for years. Moreover, players can only compete against people running the same version; and that group is reportedly quite small.

The big question now is: when will Fortnite return to the App Store? If it’s up to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, it will happen this year. How exactly remains to be seen, but it may have something to do with sideloading (which is on the horizon). For now, the game has been banned from the App Store.

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