From now on you have more control over Further viewing

From now on you have more control over ‘Further viewing’ on Netflix

When you start a series, movie or documentary on Netflix, it ends up in the Further Viewing queue within the apps and on the web. And the content stays there until the streaming service has had enough and automatically deletes it. But from now on you can also manually adjust that list, if necessary.

And that manual editing, that’s coming in handy. Many Netflix viewers share the same frustration about the Continue Watching queue. The titles that are in there, hang around for weeks. Until today there was little you could do about it, except wait until the service removed the content itself.

Netflix relieves us of frustration

Suppose you watch dozens of series on Netflix and all mixed up together. Meanwhile, you start a movie that you didn’t like after all. And later you decide that this particular series is not for you. But then those titles remain in the further viewing queue. You have to scroll past them to get to the content that interests you.

Netflix Removing Titles from Further Viewing QueueRemove titles from further viewing queue (Image: Netflix via The Verge)

Then, of course, you’d prefer to take that title out of your Further Viewing queue for a while. That way you’re not constantly confronted with your wrong choices and you’re more likely to find the content that does matter. Removing a title from the row is fortunately also very simple. With only a few steps, you have done this in a jiffy.

Remove title from Continue View

If you want to remove a specific title from Netflix’s Further Viewing queue, here’s how to do it. Open the title in the row that you no longer want to encounter. On the opened page, scroll down the list of options until you come across the delete option. Click on that and the content will no longer be visible from now on.

While this probably won’t be a monumental interface update for the Netflix apps, it is a very useful feature that we will be grateful to use in the future. This will allow you to re-watch a series and judge whether it’s a good one or not – without running into it every time you open the app.

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