Gmail now easier to use on your iPhone and iPad

Gmail now easier to use on your iPhone and iPad

Google has provided the iOS and iPadOS app of Gmail with a new update. The latest version makes the email service more accessible for both iPhone and iPad.

Interestingly, the new addition does not show up in the release notes in the App Store. Fortunately, it is still possible to make use of it.

Gmail more accessible for iPhone and iPad

Thanks to the latest version of Gmail, it is possible to keep an eye on your inbox directly from your home screen. Google is making the new widget, which allows you to see the three most recent messages, available for iOS and iPadOS. As mentioned, the new widget is not named in the release notes, but it is simply available in the widget screen on your iPhone or iPad.

It is not possible to display more than three emails in the widget, but you will get enough information. For example, not only do you see when the email arrived, but you also see a sender and the first sentence of the email. In the same widget it is also possible to write a new email. For this, you simply press the pencil and you will be sent directly to Gmail.

Gmail iPhoneQuickly informed (Image: MacRumors)

Like all other widgets for the iPhone and iPad, it is possible to put the Gmail inbox on your home screen. You can also place the widget in the Today screen.

How to add a widget

Do you have an iPhone running iOS 15 or iPad running iPadOS 15? Then it’s good to know that you can also add widgets to the home screen. This allows you to get up-to-date information from your favorite applications at a glance. To add one to the home screen, simply press and hold the screen until all applications start to vibrate. Then press the cross in the top left corner. Select your favorite app, choose a widget and give it a place.

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