Google Chrome got a little sweeter for your Mac thanks

Google Chrome got a little sweeter for your Mac thanks to new update

Google Chrome has received an update on macOS, Windows and Chrome OS. The popular browser now features two new modes, memory saving and power saving. Pretty handy, since the software is known for its heavy consumption. So this update is more than welcome.

When you download the update for Google Chrome for Mac, Windows or Chromebook, you’ll find the new modes within the settings. Within the settings, you’ll see a new heading called Performance. The first option frees up some working memory; the second saves some power.

New options for Google Chrome

Once you activate memory saving, Chrome automatically deactivates tabs that you haven’t used for a while. This saves your computer’s memory and keeps other tabs running smoothly. Your inactive tabs remain visible; as soon as you open them again, they reload.

Google Chrome modesNew modes for Google Chrome (Image: Google)

You control this through Settings > Performance > Memory saving. If you don’t want Google Chrome to deactivate specific sites, click Add next to “Always keep these sites active. By the way, through Performance, you can also activate Power Saving. Once that mode is on, then you can notice changes in game and video performance.

Power saving mode for Chrome

This mode is intended for people who are sure they won’t see a power outlet for a while and still want to work on their laptops. When you activate the mode, then the lowers Chrome “speed for image capture and other background tasks to extend the battery life of your device.”

You can make this feature work for you automatically, but even then you have to activate it first. After activating it, the mode jumps on when you unplug it. You can also set the option to turn on only when the battery reaches a percentage of twenty percent or lower.

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