Google Chrome makes visiting websites even easier

Google Chrome makes visiting websites even easier

Do you regularly come back to certain websites? Then Google Chrome is making it much easier for you with a new feature.

Google Chrome is the most popular Internet browser. Whether you’re on the Internet for work or just at home, chances are you’re using the big G’s browser. This is of course because it is fast, but it also has a number of other useful features. Now there is another one that makes surfing just a little bit easier.

Taking notes in Google Chrome

We all have internet pages that we come back to more often than not. It may be that you need it for work, or it may contain interesting information that you want to read back later. If you save or bookmark a lot of pages, it can sometimes happen that you forget why you wanted to save them. Fortunately, there is now a solution for that.

Google Chrome now makes it possible to take notes on a website itself. Every time you visit that particular page, these come back to you. Handy, because this way you know exactly what you wanted to remember and why a page was saved.

Google Chrome makes visiting websites even easierMaking a note. (Image: Reddit/Leopeva64-2)

Here’s how it works

The new feature was discovered by Reddit user Leopeva64-2. He dived deeper into a version of Chrome Canary, which is the precursor to the beta phase. He also immediately previews exactly how it works. You press the right mouse button on a piece of text and then you can select from the menu that you want to make a note. Once you’ve made a note, the text you selected is purple. So that’s how you know that note can be found there.

The saved notes are not only found at the appropriate place on the page. There is also a sidebar in the Chrome-Canary version where all the notes would be. Clicking on the note in that bar will automatically take you to the section of the site where it was created. It should also be possible to edit that note. Unfortunately, the edit button doesn’t work yet.

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