Google Maps 5 secret features you dont know about

Google Maps: 5 secret features you don’t know about

Google Maps is probably the app you use to navigate. Yet there are tricks that make it even much easier to use. We tell you about them.

Want to go somewhere but don’t know how? Google Maps is your best friend. The app tells you in no time what the best route is and also takes into account traffic jams and other situations. This way you will not get lost and you will reach your destination in no time. Still, it can all be a bit easier with these hidden features.

Never lose your parked car again

Parking in a place you don’t know can sometimes be quite confusing. You park it on a street you never visit and after a long walk you have absolutely no idea where it is anymore. Fortunately, Google Maps has a feature for that. You open the app and press the blue dot that indicates your position. When you do that, you’ll see a menu at the bottom of your screen where you can set your parking spot. You will now see a P appear on the map and so you can always find your car.

Save your maps offline in Google Maps

These days you have internet almost everywhere, but sometimes you may find yourself in an area with no coverage. Or maybe you can’t buy a sim card abroad. Fortunately you can save your maps on your computer or phone so you can find your way even without internet. You do this by clicking on your name icon in the address bar. Then you go to offline maps and you can select your area and save it. Very handy!

Google MapsAlways in the right place. (Image: Google)

Check the crowds

Because many people use Google Maps or have an Android phone, it is easy for Google to estimate how busy a place is. For example, you can see if it is better to avoid the gym at a certain time or if there are few parking spaces. You press the icon of the company or public location where you want to be and you see how busy it is at a given time. This makes it even easier to plan your trip.

Share your location with friends or family in Google Maps

Feeling unsafe in a certain place, or want to let people know you’re home? That too can be done easily through Google Maps. Type in the address you want to go to and then start the navigation. Then click on the bar that shows the time. When you do, a menu will pop up. Here, select share progress and then select the people you want to do that with.

Measure the distance between two places

Of course, in Google Maps you can see how many kilometers you have to walk or drive until you reach a certain location. However, you can also use the app to measure the distance as the crow flies between two places. To do this you place a red dot on the map. Then you scroll down in the menu where the place name is. Under the temperature you will see distance measurement Select this and then you can measure the distance between two places from that point.

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