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Google Maps turns Dynamic Island iPhone 14 Pro into navigation heaven

Google Maps remains one of the most popular apps on Android and iOS. That explains why Google is giving the application a lot of attention. The American company now announces through a blog post that there are still a lot of things to look forward to. Especially for those with an iPhone 14 Pro (Max).

You can read all that and more on Google’s website. One of the biggest announcements is support for Live Activities on iPhone. This means you can see more information about your route without having to unlock your iPhone. And you guessed it: of course, it doesn’t stop there.

Google Maps on IPhone 14 Pro (Max)

Because not only the locked screen of your iPhone 14 Pro (Max) will soon offer Google Maps navigation. Dynamic Island will also get plenty of attention. It won’t matter if you’re in a car or on a bike. Or that you are taking a nice walk or traveling by public transportation; you will be shown step-by-step where to go.

So what does that look like? You can see that in the image above. The dynamic island of the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) is stretched, allowing you to receive notifications from Google Maps. In those notifications, you’ll read updates about your route, see where you need to go and approximately how long it will take.

Google Maps iPhone 14 ProGoogle Maps on iPhone 14 Pro (Image: Google)

Live activities on the iPhone

Apple introduced the Live Activities option with the release of iOS 16. These are like notifications that you can receive throughout the day, containing information about recent events. Those notifications appear on your locked screen, but so you also receive them via the dynamic island.

Live Activities have so far been used primarily for sports scores and food orders, but of course they have much more to offer. And it’s up to the various developers to unlock that potential. That’s why it’s nice to see Google throwing its weight around; that way we can see what is also possible.

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