Google Nest Hub gets stiff competition from Apples unique iPad

Google Nest Hub gets stiff competition from Apple’s unique iPad

With the introduction of the updated HomePod, Apple is expanding its offerings within the Smart Home market. However, the big question is how the American company will position itself against popular products such as the Google Nest Hub. The answer already seems clear.

Apple is working hard on its own version of innovation, according to Bloomberg sources. And yes, it most likely wants to use the iPad for that.

Apple sets its sights on Google Nest Hub

Amazon and Google currently dominate the Smart Home market. Products like the Google Nest Hub are in many a living room and are used to control smart devices. Think, for example, of setting the thermostat and (de)activating lights.

Apple seems to want to take a stab at it with the revamped HomePod and is getting involved. Although the American company of CEO Tim Cook is not leaving it at that, according to US Bloomberg sources.

Google Nest HubSmart Nest Hub (Image: Google)

Behind the scenes, Apple is working on an iPad-like device purely for Smart Home control. Exactly what that device will look like we don’t know, but there seems to be a good chance that it will be downgraded in terms of specifications. Therefore, it is expected that this decision will cut costs significantly.

Exactly when we can expect the smart device is not yet clear. Although we do know by now that Apple will not launch its Google Nest Hub competitor until 2024.

The revamped HomePod

Apple announced its second-generation HomePod yesterday afternoon (Jan. 18, 2022). The smart speaker disappeared in 2021, only to make its comeback two years later.

Few will be surprised to learn that the new HomePod is packed with brand-new innovations. For example, the speaker features spatial audio, enhanced Siri settings and improved sound quality.

Wondering what the new product has to offer you? Dennis talks you through it with love in the article below:

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