Hacoa drops magisterial Mac keyboard made entirely of wood

Hacoa drops magisterial Mac keyboard made entirely of wood

The choice is vast if you’re looking for a new keyboard for your Mac devices these days. One made of wood, on the other hand, you don’t come across very often, something that Japanese company Hacoa is now offering.

Namely, the company is coming out with the Hacoa Full Ki-Board Wireless. You may not be able to assemble it yourself, but the price still reflects that this is an all-wood keyboard.

You have to give something for your keyboard

If you’ve already decided to pull out the wallet, it will be nearly 700 euros lighter now anyway (excluding shipping). On the other hand, you won’t get a keyboard with a layer of wood glued to the components of this Mac accessory.

No, this keyboard looks like it is completely made of wood. Besides, of course, the electronics needed to make the keyboard work with your Mac. The buttons are actually just blocks of wood into which the letters are engraved with lasers. This also means you don’t have to worry about letters fading after prolonged use.

Over the keyboard is a layer of urethane for extra protection, so you don’t have to worry about splinters in your fingertips either. And also nice: because real wood is used, each product looks slightly different.

Woody tapping on your Mac

The keyboard simply has an English layout despite its Japanese origins. Furthermore, you connect the wireless board to your Mac device with Bluetooth. The keyboard is USB-C chargeable, but the battery should already last about 240 hours. Charging itself only takes two hours, so you can keep tapping non-stop.

Hacoa drops magisterial Mac keyboard that's made entirely of woodWith palm support! (Image: Hacoa)
Hacoa drops magisterial Mac keyboard made entirely of woodBeautiful under your Mac. (Image: Hacoa)

The dimensions are 395mm x 140mm x 31.5mm, with a palm rest at the bottom that you can take off whenever you want. So you can keep typing stories comfortably on your Mac. The keyboard is available in Cherry (light) and Walnut (dark) wood.

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