Halides Neural Telephoto gives you non pro iPhone zooming capabilities

Halides Neural Telephoto gives you non-pro iPhone zooming capabilities

The creator of the popular camera app Halide is back with a fine update for iPhone 14. The Neural Telephoto option makes it possible to take nice, zoomed-in photos with the non-pro model of the recent Apple smartphone. So then you may not have to dig deeper for that.

With an iPhone 14 Pro in your pocket, you know it. It lets you take beautiful, zoomed-in photos because it uses a telephoto lens. Regular iPhone models do not have such a lens and have to make do with a main and wide-angle camera. Zooming is then always done by cropping (or trimming) the image.

iPhone 14 gets special Halide feature

When you crop a photo, you are zooming in digitally, so to speak. That means there is almost always a loss of quality, compared to cameras that zoom in optically. Halide is now trying to solve that problem on your iPhone with the Neural Telephoto option. As a result, your zoomed-in photos will look a lot better than before.

Usually cropped photos look a little blurry. But with the new Halide function, that should be a thing of the past. Your photos will look sharper, or so the promise goes. The result won’t be the same as photos taken with a telephoto lens, but every little helps. The result will be better than without the Neural Telephoto.

Halide iPhoneHalide on your iPhone (Image: Halide)

This works with a ditch of iPhones

Reason enough to give the option a try. And we’ve got good news, because the new Halide option works with a wide range of iPhones. The developer reveals that the update works with iPhone SE models, and then all the way up to iPhone 14. Just keep in mind that the app costs money.

Do you already have the app or have the money for it? Then you will see a 2x button within the app (yes, even if you don’t have a Pro iPhone). You will find the captured photo as a jpeg/heic, and as a raw file. So you can decide which version you use and whether you want to edit afterwards.

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