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Hatsa: Albert Heijn comes with a big discount on Philips Hue!

Philips Hue is the ideal gadget in the home to create a good atmosphere. The bulbs do come with a hefty price tag, but fortunately Albert Heijn is offering a high discount.

If you want smart bulbs in your home, there are several brands to choose from. Still, Philips Hue stands out the best among many. The lights are easy to install and offer great results.

Philips Hue at high discount at Albert Heijn store

However, Philips Hue has one major drawback: the price. As such, the bulbs are really not cheap. Still, discounts can be found regularly if you search carefully. This time you don’t have to go to Bol.com, but to Albert Heijn.

Albert Heijn is namely having two Philips Hue starter sets on sale. So this is the ideal time to try out the lights and see if it’s really something for you. The sets are not too extensive, so you can easily get started. If you like it, you can easily expand your Hue collection.

Warm white light

The first set Albert Heijn is offering is for warm white light. It consists of two Philips Hue White standard bulbs with 800 lumens. This makes them equivalent to a 60 W incandescent bulb. The pleasant light is just bright enough to read a book.

But the starter set doesn’t just include bulbs. It also comes with a Bridge that literally connects to your smartphone. This also gives you access to all sorts of smart features like timers, automations and controls for when you’re away from home.

This set normally costs 87 euros, but Albert Heijn is offering a nice discount. So you now have the lamps in your home for 60.90 euros. You have to be quick, because Philips Hue with discount is often sold out quickly.

Philips Hue Albert Heijn

Colored bulbs Philips Hue

But that’s not the only starter kit Albert Heijn is offering. In fact, for those who really want to go all out with Philips Hue, there is another option at the supermarket. You can also go for a set with colored light.

This set is basically the same as the white Philips Hue set (i.e., including Bridge). The only difference is that in addition to white light, the bulbs can also emit colored light. So you create even more atmosphere in your home or bedroom. Moreover, these bulbs have 1,100 lumens, so they are also more powerful.

Philips Hue Albert Heijn

Still, there is a downside to this starter set from Philips Hue, compared to the previous one. Namely, this one is a bit more expensive. You pay 97.30 euros for it. However, it is considerably cheaper than is normally the case. In fact, this set without discount costs 139 euros. So you save more than 40 euros at Albert Heijn.

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