Heres how to use Spotify Premium completely free for three

Here’s how to use Spotify Premium completely free for three months

The streaming landscape is beautiful, especially in the Netherlands. In the morning you grab a motivational podcast thanks to Podimo, at lunch you go wild on your favorite music thanks to Spotify Premium and in the evening you watch a series on Netflix. It’s one big party, but with a pricey ticket.

All the streaming services combined can make for a big monthly bill. Fortunately, there are plenty of promotions and special bundles you can take advantage of to keep those costs down a bit. So too with Spotify.

Three months free Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is wonderful. I’ve reached the grim point where I’d love to say I can do without it, but practice tells me otherwise. The streaming service is part of my daily routine and I enjoy it to the fullest. So I pay that tenner a month with all my love.

Although in the meantime I too see the costs rising more and more. A Netflix subscription here, an HBO Max subscription there: it’s not getting any cheaper. As far as that goes, it’s nice that some services regularly come up with cool promotions. Like a Spotify Premium subscription.

Spotify buttonsSpotify’s new buttons (Image: Spotify)

Consumers who have never used Spotify Premium before, or created a new account, can in fact use the service for free. Not forever, of course, but for the next three months. This is a standard Premium subscription which, after the free period, you have to pay 9.99 euros per month.

Don’t feel like paying after those three free months though? No worries, you can cancel it again before the first invoice. Three months of completely free listening, then!

Not only new subscribers

The promotion is unique. Besides focusing on new consumers, Spotify seems to want to win over old acquaintances as well. It does so not by offering three months of free access, but rather by making the same period significantly cheaper. Subscribers who canceled their subscription before July 15, 2022 can listen for three months for 9.99 euros. That’s 3.33 euros per month.

You still have a very short time to think about the promotion. Until September 11, it’s possible to get a Spotify Premium subscription this way. Although the choice seems very easy to me this time.

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