Heres why youre seeing a 404 error and heres what

Here’s why you’re seeing a 404 error (and here’s what you can do about it)

You try to visit a website and pats, there it is: the 404 error. It’s one of the most common error codes on the Internet. You get the error message when the specific page of the URL cannot be found. Why doesn’t it work and how do you fix it?

How do you know if you are dealing with a 404 error? This is when you try to visit a Web page, but you get a text such as “404 Not Found,” “the requested URL was not found,” or “HTTP 404.

Why do you get a 404 error?

There are a number of reasons why a 404 error occurs. You may not have typed the URL correctly in the search bar of your browser. It is also possible that a URL you previously visited has since changed or is using a different domain name. Also, a page may have been removed by its owner.

For you as a visitor, it is not a huge disaster when a 404-error occurs. For the website owner it is less pleasant, because he loses traffic this way. If you still want to access the content of the page, there are some things you can try. We list them below.

404-error MacBookNot helpful! (Image: Unsplash)

What can you do about a 404 message?

Sometimes restarting a page is all it takes to resolve a 404 error. In fact, the error message may be caused by a small glitch. Press F5 or use the refresh button in the upper left corner of your browser.

Is this not working? Then check that you entered the URL correctly. A typo is in a small corner. In addition, you can enlist the help of good old Google. Use the search engine to search for the page. You may still end up in the right place this way. It may also help to remove a part after the / in the URL.

Still no success?

Still getting a 404 error? Then empty your browser’s cache or adjust your DNS server. Usually, however, the problem lies with the website itself. If necessary, let the website owner know that the page is not working. Possibly he or she was not aware of it and now something can be done about it.

As the website owner, resolve the problem through the Google Search Console. Under Indexing, go to Pages and see if any pages are listed under Not Found (404). If so, it’s time to fix it. For example, redirect the URL to a working link.