HiDock for Mac every display a different dock thanks to

HiDock for Mac: every display a different dock thanks to powerful app

Thanks to Apple’s macOS, we can set up the Dock however we like. Expanding, positioning and changing screen size is a breeze. Problem, however, is that the Dock is not individually customizable on multiple displays. A free Mac app is going to change this.

Working on a Mac is peerless. Certainly the new versions are lightning fast and are certainly sublime if you work a lot with high-resolution photos and video. However, some of us want to use a second or third screen and change the Dock settings on a per-screen basis to better suit the tasks you do on it. That wasn’t possible, until now.

Mac now lets you change all screens through this app

While Apple is not exactly happy about allowing you to “mess” with individual per-screen settings on a Mac, app makers think otherwise. So did Rafe Conde, who wanted a unique Dock on each screen.

HiDock is a Mac app that you can install for free. The app allows you to link different Dock settings to different screen configurations. And that’s quite a godsend.

mac, ios, macos, powerbook, appleSimple but darn handy. (Image: Rafa Conde)

So this application is also extremely useful for Apple MacBook users with an external screen. They did not have the ability to change the Dock of screen A without doing it with screen B as well.

So now it’s possible to position your MacBook’s Dock on screen A in a certain way when connected to screen B. These settings are saved so that the Dock springs back again when you connect a second screen again.

With HiDock quickly paged

The Mac app runs in the background and can optionally be added to your Mac’s menu bar.

So it’s simple: it takes no time to set up and the app works great on your Mac. The very handy HiDock for the Apple Mac can be downloaded for free at Rafa’s site.

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