How a forgotten email managed to block Telegram across Brazil

How a forgotten email managed to block Telegram across Brazil

Telegram is currently blocked in Brazil and it’s happening because of and unfortunate, but very recognizable reason. CEO Pavel Durov now lets us know in an extensive statement on his own channel how it could have come to this. Namely, his company checked the inbox of… the wrong email address.

At the moment, the popular chat service Telegram is blocked in Brazil because of spreading misinformation. This is being done by order of a judge in that country. Apple and Google must actively block the app until the company decides to comply with the laws of the South American country.

Telegram checked the wrong email address

When this just happened, Telegram was not immediately available for comment (probably for the same reason). At the time, it was also not clear if the company was taking action on the ruling or if anything would change. But now it is clear why this all happened. It happens to the best of us sometimes.

The apps of WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram.

In his statement, Durov let it be known that there were some problems with the emails. According to Durov, the court did not use the correct, but rather the general email address for communication. As a result, Telegram overlooked the mails – probably because it was expecting them in a different inbox.

And now there is talk of a ban

The company has since found the emails in question. This implies that that address is at least working, which makes this story even more bizarre. For how can you overlook such mails? Anyway: now Telegram is at least trying to make up with the court, by going into conclave.

Whether this ultimately reverses the ruling is a second matter. The decision is – most probably – politically charged, given the turbulent circumstances worldwide regarding misinformation. Some Brazilians will therefore have to do without their favorite chat app for a while.

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