How aluminum foil gives you much faster internet at home

How aluminum foil gives you much faster internet at home

If you are struggling with bad Internet, you can use a handy trick to boost the signal. All you need is some aluminum foil.

These days we are all glued to our laptops or smartphones. Bad Internet can then ruin your whole day. Whether you’re at work, or want to make a quick order at home. A roll of aluminum foil works wonders in such cases.

The shiny foil can reflect and concentrate signals. By placing it strategically, such as behind a router, it can reflect and focus signals that would normally be scattered or attenuated.

Aluminum foil is the solution to bad Internet

Internet signals, like radio waves, can be directed. By cleverly placing aluminum foil around your router, you actually create a kind of directional antenna. That way you manipulate radio waves so they work better in your environment.

Routers don’t point to a specific point by default because they are designed to send signals in all directions. But if you know your router only needs to work in one specific direction, you can point the signal to where you need Internet. It’s a bit like pointing a flashlight where you want light.


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When you get started, it’s important to pay close attention to the piece of aluminum foil you use. You don’t want to cut it too big, but it should be big enough for the router. Next, bend the aluminum foil into a sort of round shape behind your router’s antennas.

You can use a ball, or something else that is round, to give the foil the right shape. Make sure the shiny side of the foil points to where you want to make the Internet stronger. That way the signals will be better directed to your devices.

What do you do if it doesn’t work?

The method with aluminum is not always a guarantee of success. The quality of your Internet stands or falls with the router itself. Like all electronic devices, routers can break down over time. In addition, technology can lag behind when it comes to the latest speeds.

So it can certainly help to take a look at the operation of your router. And you can do that in an easy way. We’ll tell you all about it in the article below:

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