How Google Maps will soon make you pay less for

How Google Maps will soon make you pay less for gasoline

The Google Maps app has long since ceased to be an application that merely shows you the way somewhere. The software does more and more and more. The app helps you look up more environmentally friendly routes and avoid toll roads. There are also more than enough options for walkers, cyclists and public transport users.

Now, at least, an additional option is coming for people who use the app in conjunction with a car, according to 9to5Google. In fact, Google Maps will be able to take into account the type of car you use in the future. The route you take may then be adjusted based on your car.

Google Maps takes into account type of car

Within the Google Maps app, in the future you will be able to indicate what your car runs on: gasoline, diesel or electricity. You can also indicate that your car is a hybrid, because they have different routes. This is good news, because different types of cars reach their peak efficiency at different times.

Google MapsMaps (Image: Google / Edit: WANT)

That kind of information is widely available, so Google can take it into account in recommending a particular route. With a hybrid car, you’ll find that you drive more often through the city, for example. And with an electric car, you’re less likely to drive on the highway with Google Maps.

Good for the wallet and the environment

Not every car owner is aware of the differences and how that affects the environment and your wallet. Although gasoline prices are currently dropping a bit (for fear of a recession), they are likely to remain at a higher point than we are used to. And then every saving is a good thing.

For now, it’s not clear when Google will roll out this option for Google Maps. But when it does, you can change the settings at any time. After all, you still buy a new car from time to time and otherwise you’re driving someone else’s car. We are now waiting for the update to arrive.

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