How Meta is becoming Apples biggest competitor in the VR

How Meta is becoming Apple’s biggest competitor in the VR world

It’s an open secret that Apple is working on its own AR/VR headset. However, the competition is stiff, especially now that Facebook parent company Meta has announced the Meta Quest Pro.

Rumors abound about the new VR/AR headset Apple is developing. The model will be high-end, so it certainly won’t be cheap. In that high-end segment, Meta is going full competition. It is coming out with the Quest Pro.

This is the Meta Quest Pro

In terms of specs, the Meta Quest Pro will be one of the best on the market. It is also immediately one of the most expensive with a price of $1,499. This makes it considerably more expensive than the regular Quest 2 which costs $399. In the Netherlands, the price comes to 1,799.99 euros. So it will be interesting to see what this AR/VR headset has to offer and what Apple will compete with.

What Apple needs to do better than the Meta Quest Pro anyway is battery life. The latter lasts between 1 and 2 hours on a full charge, then takes another 2 hours to fully charge. So that’s not really comfortable for a premium model.

More powerful and better image

Under the hood, at least, the Meta Quest Pro scores better. You’ll find 256GB of storage and 12GB of memory there. The normal Quest Pro has to make do with 6GB of memory. The Processor, according to Meta, is 50 percent better than that of the Quest 2.

With a headset, of course, image is also important. Meta claims the Quest Pro has 75 percent more contrast than the Quest 2. It also features a screen of 1900 by 1920 pixels per eye. These have a refresh rate of 90 Hz per eye. The lenses are thinner and flatter.

Meta Quest Pro AppleBecome more productive.

More comfortable and Apple’s great competitor

A more expensive VR/AR headset obviously has to be comfortable. So for the Meta Quest Pro, it means it has to be better than the regular Quest 2. The Verge has already had the opportunity to put the headset on its head and although the new one is heavier, it is more balanced, which means it is more comfortable.

What is also better is the controls. The controllers have received a new design. These are also available separately for $299 and can be used with old hardware. These are so expensive in part because they have built-in cameras to determine their position.

The Quest Pro will be available starting Oct. 25. When Apple will come out with its VR/AR set remains to be seen. In any case, the bar is set high by Meta.

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