1666398123 How Microsoft with Xbox is setting its sights on Apples

How Microsoft with Xbox is setting its sights on Apples dominance with the iPhone

Microsoft plans to launch its own app store for mobile games on Android and iOS. This is according to documents recently submitted to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). That is Britain’s market watchdog, similar to the Authority Consumer & Markt in the Netherlands.

Why did Microsoft submit those documents to the watchdog? It has everything to do with the possible acquisition of Activision-Blizzard. Several market watchdogs are looking into the takeover, aiming to prevent the Xbox maker from gaining a monopoly in the console market.

Microsoft wants to launch its own app store

But what turns out: with the acquisition, Microsoft is not trying to gain a monopoly in that market, but a stronger position in the mobile games market. At least this is the defense. To this end, the company is working behind the scenes on the Xbox Mobile Platform, which will include Call of Duty: Mobile and Candy Crush Saga.

Candy CrushCandy Crush (Image: King)

So Microsoft is using these games as examples of games you can play through the upcoming platform. Those games should help make the Xbox Mobile Platform a success. But by doing so, the company is also implying that the video games will be exclusive, which, ironically, raises some suspicion from the CMA.

Console market less important

Because if games become exclusive, that in turn hinders competition. However, this is not at all what CMA’s research is about; in fact, it now focuses on the console market. A market that, according to Microsoft, will become a lot less important in the future.

The fact that the company is now working on its own download store for Google and Apple platforms should reinforce that point. Should the acquisition toe be approved by the watchdog, Microsoft runs into another problem: Apple does not currently allow third-party app stores on its operating systems – but that too could change in the future.

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