How Spotify becomes your ideal workout buddy via your iPhone

How Spotify becomes your ideal workout buddy via your iPhone

Although Spotify already currently offers a wide variety of personalized playlists, the company would like to take it a step further. Namely, it’s going to use your health data from the Health app on iPhone. And that to create an ideal playlist for during exercise.

If you are a sports person using an iPhone (or an Apple Watch), then you are also using HealthKit. This is an iOS api (api’s are tools for developers), which allows other app makers to track data about your health within their own apps. That info is normally in the Health app.

Spotify wants your health data

Now it appears that Spotify is also looking for that data. Namely, the service wants to support HealthKit. This will give the music service access to a lot of data. Think about how long and often you exercise, how many calories you burn and much more. That’s a lot of information; what does the company want to do with it?

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HealthKit integration in Spotify under development.

– (@chrismessina) December 21, 2022

Based on all that data, Spotify intends to suggest – how could it be otherwise – personalized playlists. That way you can quickly find the right music for when you’re exercising, keeping you nice and busy. At least, that’s the idea, of course. It is up to the user to give permission or make use of it.

No data without consent

And that’s something we like to emphasize because it’s important. As long as you don’t give Spotify permission, the company doesn’t have access to your data. How nice. At the time of writing, it’s not clear exactly how the company handles such info, but we may hear more about that later.

Another important note is that this functionality is not yet available to users. Only references to the possibility have been found. Spotify itself has not yet released anything about it, but that will undoubtedly happen at a later date. So for now, we will have to wait for that.