How to find messages faster on your iPhone with this

How to find messages faster on your iPhone with this WhatsApp feature

WhatsApp dominates the iOS and Android markets, but needs to keep innovating itself. Logical, since the competition is cutthroat. Armed with new features, the application, from parent company Meta, must keep up the honor. Sometimes this results in a useful addition, sometimes the result is not very interesting.

Fortunately, we are seeing that first come to pass now. WhatsApp recently rolled out a fresh update via TestFlight. That’s Apple’s beta program, where iPhone users can sign up for apps and updates that are in beta. This allows them to get a taste of new applications or features for existing apps.

New search feature for WhatsApp

Thus, a new search feature for WhatsApp on iPhone is now available. Namely, you can search for messages based on a date. So if you know when you sent that message, or when you received it, you may be able to find it faster. You then proceed as follows on your iOS device.

First, of course, you need to make sure you have the latest version of the messaging service on your smartphone. Then open the app and go to the conversation where you want to look up the message. Tap on the contact’s name, which will then take you to that person’s profile.

WhatsApp iOS iPhoneNew (Image: WhatsApp & Unsplash / Edit: OMT)

Find messages by date

Below the contact’s profile picture is now a search button, in the form of a magnifying glass. Now you can type in a word, or you can tap the calendar icon on the right. Is that not there? Then you do not have the right version of WhatsApp on your smartphone and you may have to wait for an update.

Is that icon there? Then you can select the month and year to narrow your search. In no time, for example, you can collect the cutest birthday wishes you received through the app. But you’ll probably know how to use it when the option is available to everyone.

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