How to give your smart TV a major upgrade without

How to give your smart TV a major upgrade without buying a new one

Worried about the quality of your smart TV? Before you think of buying a new one, you can improve a lot yourself.

An evening of Netflix, YouTube or Disney Plus is best done with a smart TV. Thanks to a smart TV, you have access to all apps at the touch of a button.

Picture quality leaves something to be desired in some cases. But that doesn’t mean you’re ready to replace it. With a few simple settings, you can achieve quite a lot.

Help with your smart TV: here’s how to make it a lot better

Adjusting a few settings can work wonders. And then your smart TV suddenly looks very different. Here are all our tips.

#1 Make use of the right picture settings

Smart TVs have different picture settings, such as Standard, Vivid and Sports. While watching, you would prefer a vivid picture, but by no means all settings can provide that.

Xiaomi Mi 4K TVXoami 4K AI Smart TV (Image: AliExpress)

The Vivid mode often makes the colors overly bright, making it look unnatural. And Sports mode pumps up the colors for a more vivid image, but it’s not always accurate and can tire your eyes. Movie mode usually gives the most realistic picture. For OLED TVs, it’s best to switch to Dolby Vision Cinema Home mode for home use.

#2 Play with brightness and backlight

Some picture settings are best set manually, so you can find exactly the level that suits your living room and smart TV. We’ll go over the two most important ones with you: brightness and backlight.

Brightness controls the black levels of your smart TV. So if the brightness is too low you miss details and if it’s too high, the picture is blurred. Backlight controls overall brightness. You want the setting high in bright rooms to reduce glare, and lower for better contrast and more comfortable viewing in the dark. Finding the right balance takes some experimentation, but you’re bound to figure it out.

#3 Stop power saving on your smart TV

This may sound a bit contradictory, but if you’re going for a nicer smaert TV, it’s crucial to turn off your power-saving features. Manufacturers add “eco modes” to save energy, but they have a big impact on picture quality.


This is how energy conservation works on a smart TV

The eco mode of a smart TV is designed to save energy by reducing or turning off certain features. This can include, for example, dimming the screen brightness, reducing processor performance or turning off additional features such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when not in use. The goal is to reduce the power consumption of the TV to save energy.

Dim backlighting makes the picture dull and reduces brightness, which also affects contrast. Therefore, it’s better to turn off eco mode if you want to enjoy the best picture quality.

#4 Consider the viewing distance

Besides the television, you might want to take a closer look at exactly how your chair is positioned. How far you sit from your TV has a huge impact on your viewing pleasure. It doesn’t directly affect picture quality, but it can determine your entire experience. If you sit too close, you may feel overwhelmed, but if you sit too far, you miss the fine details.

The best viewing distance depends on how big your Smart TV is. There are different opinions on this. Some experts say you should sit, for example, 1.5 times the height of your screen for a 4K TV. Others say you should sit a little further away. So again, it comes down to what you yourself find most comfortable.

#5 Check the mood lighting

If your mood lighting shines too brightly, or is very distracting, it can cause your Smart TV’s image to disappoint. Therefore, it is a good idea to dim the lights and get as close to dark as possible.

Lidl offers big discount on this Philips Hue alternativeEnjoy in your own home. (Image: Lidl)

Especially if your TV does not get very bright, something you have to deal with with older OLED TVs and cheap LED TVs. In a dark room, contrast stands out more, making colors stand out.

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