How to ingeniously hide an AirTag on your bike

Since the launch of the Apple AirTag, we have come across the handy trackers in many different places. Several companies already attempted to hide it on bicycles, for example, using accessories. However, we did not come across a great success until now.

By the way, the AirBell seems to be changing that. This handy gadget turned up at the American website The Verge and seems to be the ideal model for the average Dutchman. Because, bikes.

Ingeniously hide your AirTag on your bike

Usually, despite some companies’ efforts, an AirTag on a bicycle is quite easy to see. Consumers hide it under the bike’s saddle or hang it from its bar. The AirBell takes a different approach, offering a compartment under your bike bell. Ideal, if you ask us.

As an integral part of your trusty two-wheeler, the AirTag won’t easily be found under a bike bell. Especially not if it is mounted exactly the same as regular models. You unscrew the bottom and top from each other, insert the AirTag into the compartment and mount it as you would a regular bike bell.

(Image: AirBell)

So it really looks like a standard bike bell, is easy to mount and also functions properly. Worth it for the price of 24.99 euros as far as we are concerned.

Can a bike actually be found?

Well, that’s something that people are sharply divided on today. Some say Apple’s tracker is anything but useful in that area. Another tells the world that his stolen goods have been found.

On the latter front, we do have some good examples of successful operations. For example, the man in the article below managed to recover his suitcase, after chaos at an airport, through a tracker.

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