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How to use ChatGPT on your iPhone without an Internet connection

Although ChatGPT has only been a hot topic for a few months, we already can’t seem to live without it. The chatbot answers all your questions and even helps you write cover letters and programming. Now you can use it even without internet on your iPhone.

ChatGPT is the ideal assistant on your iPhone and we can say that it is even smarter and more convenient than Siri. If you want to use the chatbot you do need an internet connection. At least, until now. There is a solution that makes that no longer necessary, although it does have a drawback.

ChatGPT on your iPhone

There is in fact a new ChatGPT app available for your iPhone, although it certainly does not work optimally yet. This app has the name MLC LLM and is being developed by the team MLC AI. This open source project. Is still in the testing phase and it shows.

Indeed, this version of the new ChatGPT app has a size of 4 GB, which is quite hefty for an iPhone app. By the way, this version is available not only for the iOS, but also for macOS, Windows and Linux.

A few more drawbacks

However, the size is not the only drawback of the app. In addition, it is also quite slow to respond. Nevertheless, the answers and tasks performed by the ChatGPT app for iPhone are good.

In addition, the appearance of the new ChatGPT app does not yet look very sparkling either, although the software does what it is supposed to do. It does look a bit like the Messages app on your iPhone. Your questions have a blue square, while the answers are colored in gray.

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Running LLM-based chat locally on iphone 📱with GPU acceleration. Also brings universal deployment to NV/AMD/M1 GPUs. Love to see it enabling personal assistants for everyone. Try out demos https://t.co/q3k2yOgGG9 https://t.co/voFHm4ETXY pic.twitter.com/Ughda1KipP

– Tianqi Chen (@tqchenml) April 29, 2023

As mentioned, this is still a test version, so the creators really can’t be blamed and it paints a hopeful picture for the future. Per version, the service will probably get faster and require less MBs.

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