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How WhatsApp makes your life as a group administrator so much easier

WhatsApp is making life easier for group administrators through a new update. On both the iPhone and Android apps, they have more to say about group conversation members.

To achieve this, the company behind the popular application is introducing several features. These are part of the Community tab that appeared early last year.

WhatsApp gives group administrators more rights

Group administrators can accept or decline requests for new members more easily since the update. Nice, because the current way is quite cumbersome.

Sharing a link to join a group may not have been very cumbersome, but group administrators still had to deal with unwanted members through this way. So to avoid this, administrators could actually only send the link to contacts they actually trusted.

Administrators can also more easily see exactly who is in the group through the update. Thus, when entering a name, they get a good idea which common acquaintances there are, for example.

Officially, the update is not yet available, but it is coming one of these weeks. So keep a close eye on the App Store or Google Play Store.

How WhatsApp makes your life as a group administrator so much easier(Image: WhatsApp)

How Community changes things

At the bottom of the main menu within WhatsApp, the Communities tab has been around for some time. The functionality appeared early last year and is the ideal way to manage all your groups within the app. One group for several groups, so to speak.

As an example, you have a large group of friends within that have certain activities that you do with a few people within that group. So then you create the Community The Mighty Mates and add sub-conversations like Drinking for Dummies and Sporting like a Spartan.

Each community has its own announcement group where all members can talk to each other. Handy as hell, if you ask us.

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