How WhatsApp wants to better protect the photos on your

How WhatsApp wants to better protect the photos on your iPhone

WhatsApp is constantly developing new features. Now there’s one that should protect your privacy even better. It is now taking a new option even further.

Since last year, we have had the ability to show photos once when we send them. In doing so, the app looked closely at Snapchat, which of course had the feature much earlier. The feature is now going a little further down the road.

WhatsApp tackles screenshots on iPhone

WhatsApp is in fact going to block the option to take screenshots during the one-time display. And actually, it makes pretty good sense. There’s a reason you only want to display a photo once. Then you don’t want someone taking a screenshot of it.

WABetaInfo found out about the new feature in a beta version of WhatsApp for iPhone. If people try to take a screenshot during the one-time display, they get a notification. In the beta version this is still “blocked for added privacy,” but in Dutch it will thus be something along the lines of blocked due to privacy.

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📝 WhatsApp beta for iOS what’s new?

WhatsApp is releasing screenshot blocking for view once images and videos to some beta testers!

– WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) October 4, 2022

The feature can now be found in WhatsApp beta You can install that version via TestFlight. To do so, however, you must first install the app of the same name.

Many more new features to come

It’s not the only version coming to WhatsApp, however. There are many more features in the pipeline, although they are completely different again. For example, in the latest beta version, it is also possible to create interactive polls. That way you can make appointments with friends even easier.

But WhatsApp is not only looking at Snapchat. It has also peered at Zoom and FaceTime. This will allow you to share links for conversation in the future. Something that is already possible with Zoom and FaceTime. That saves a lot of cumbersome hassle when you want to invite someone to a conversation.

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