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iDeal disappears: everything you want to know

Online payment system iDeal is waving goodbye in a while. Here’s what’s going to change (and has already changed) for you.

The Dutch payment system iDeal was launched in 2005 because there was not yet a payment method in the Netherlands that was widely accepted online. Now, almost two decades later, the curtain is falling on the online payment system and a number of things are going to change.

The service will disappear altogether in 2026, but has already made a few changes. So before we say goodbye, there are some things that are useful to know. We’ll go over the main points with you briefly.

This is what it’s going to change about good old iDeal

The disappearance of the Netherlands’ most popular payment system is not entirely out of the blue. Last year, iDeal was acquired by a group of European banks called the European Payments Initiative (EPI). They are now developing a new payment system to be rolled out throughout Europe: Wero.

Moreover, the current version of iDeal is outdated, making it unable to meet future requirements from the EPI. The new version of iDeal is more flexible and can be more easily adapted to new technologies. You are already noticing this.

iDeal logoThe well-known logo (Image: iDeal)

Recently, you selected your bank on a whole new iDeal payment page, which is the same in every online store. You can also create an iDeal profile with your preferred account and address information. This way you receive the payment request directly in your bank’s app, making ordering and paying a lot smoother and faster.

You also don’t have to fill in your address details every time, because they are filled in automatically from your iDeal profile. This means you can complete an order within a few clicks. You can choose how to approve a payment: via a QR code or with just a confirmation in the banking app.

When will Wero appear?

You may have already found out about another important change. Namely, the new iDeal in3. This system allows you to pay in three installments. One third of the purchase is paid immediately, and the other two parts you pay within 30 and 60 days.

But we have to wait a while before iDeal completely disappears from our screens. We probably won’t welcome Wero until 2026, but this could change in the future. So still more than enough time to get used to the new idea.


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