Insane Fiat Panda appears as electric SUV, pickup and motorhome

In preparation for the Geneva International Motor Show, the Fiat Panda is getting an upgrade that will scare you. Does anyone need a new SUV, pickup or a camper after all?

The Fiat Panda is a popular model that symbolizes what the Italian automaker is known for: compact city cars. With 1.3 million compact vehicles sold by 2023, that concept still works, but not in North America.

There, people are looking for big aggressive vehicles like the Tesla Cybertruck. So what does Fiat do? It comes out with a Mega-Panda, both in a city version and an SUV, pickup and camper version. Brutal? Secretly so…

Fiat Panda goes Mega with new electric cars

Five innovative concepts show the future of Fiat and the Panda city car. “A new era,” parent company Stellantis calls it. Starting in July 2024, that era will begin with the first updated city car. After that, for three years, every year, we can expect a new model.

So in addition to the city car, Fiat is going to work on an SUV, sedan, pickup truck and a camper. All in a crazy futuristic style that probably would never have seen the light of day without the Tesla Cybertruck.

(Image: Fiat)

The only difference is that Tesla only markets electric models. Something you might expect from companies like Fiat in the year 2024, and beyond. But the Italian manufacturer doesn’t seem to want to burn its fingers on that. Each model will be launched not only as an EV, but also as a hybrid or even with a combustion engine.

Something that, like the many different designs, is entirely intended to appeal to as many customers worldwide as possible. For where 1.3 million vehicles were sold by Fiat in 2023, we can say that North America is a market where profits can be made. There, Fiat only managed to bring 605 vehicles there last year.

Mega-Panda SUV, pickup, sedan and motorhome

So the first car in the lineup is the Mega-Panda. A city car inspired by the Lingotto building in Turin. Oval shapes and sustainable materials, such as bamboo, steal the show.

(Image: Fiat)

Fiat’s pickup looks insanely brutal, but may be a little too fierce for many people. At least it combines the lightweight aspect of a commercial vehicle with the comfort of an SUV. Well, and then there’s that typical big cargo box, of course.

(Image: Fiat)

With the fastback sedan, Fiat has a somewhat sporty model to offer that manages to combine the ruggedness of a Cybertruck with the futuristic design of a Hyundai Ioniq 5.

(Image: Fiat)

Yes, and so there is also an insane motorhome with which the Volkswagen Buzz might expect a minor competitor. Like that model, Fiat’s concept vehicle is also an ode to the 1980s, this time to that era’s Panda.

(Image: Fiat)

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