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Internet of Things: this is how to get the most out of Google Home and Apple’s Home app

Smart devices are the future. With the rise of Google Home and Apple’s Home app, you can control them at lightning speed and remotely. What are the benefits and how exactly does it work?

Google Home and Apple’s Home are both apps that allow you to communicate with smart devices. That way, you can easily control them without the need for a switch.

If you’re new to the world of Internet of Things, it can only be quite confusing. That’s why we’ll help you get started with an easy overview.

The benefits of Internet of Things

Depending on the type of device, you can use different control options. For example, you can turn lights on and off or lock and unlock doors. It is also possible to use sliders to make gradual adjustments. Think of dimming lamps or adjusting the volume of speakers.

It makes your life a lot easier and more comfortable. It is also possible to set up routines and automations on Google Home or Apple’s Home app. This means you can perform certain actions automatically based on certain conditions. For example, you can set a routine that automatically turns on the lights when you get home, or automatically adjust the thermostat based on the outside temperature.

Another benefit is that connecting devices can also help you save energy. For example, you can set timers for your lights and heating so they automatically turn off when you don’t need them. This can help lower your energy bills.

google nest wifi google home mini maxOther smart home speakers from Google. (Image: Google)

Here’s how to add new devices to Google Home and Apple’s Home app

Before you can control your devices, you have to add them, of course. On Google Home app, you do that by tapping Devices. There you tap ‘Add’ and then tap Works with Google.

You’ll see a list of manufacturers and select the manufacturer of your device. Then you follow the simple steps in the app to complete the pairing process. Exactly what these steps are varies by device.

On Apple’s Home app, go to Add and press New accessory. Follow the instructions to scan a code or hold your device near the accessory to connect it. Finally, assign your accessory to a room and give it a name.

Products that work well with Apple's Home appApple’s best smart products. (Image: Apple)

Now it’s time to control the devices

After setting up your device in the app you are using, you can control it very easily. This can of course be done by a voice command through Siri or Google Assistant. But it can also be done easily in the app itself.

With Google Home app, you can easily control devices from your phone or tablet. You open the Google Home app and go to Favorites or Devices to find your device’s options.

In Apple’s Home app, this is also possible. But then you need a home hub, such as an Apple TV or HomePod. To get started, go to Settings on your iPhone. Tap your name and select iCloud. Then press Show All and make sure “Home” is turned on.

It is important that you are logged in to both your home hub and iPhone with the same Apple ID. That way, the devices can communicate with each other and you can control your accessories even when you’re not at home.

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