1667610016 Intriguing solution lets iPhone and iPad be controlled with brain

Intriguing solution lets iPhone and iPad be controlled with brain

Although the iPhone and iPad are excellent to control with your hands, of course it can always be easier. In this case, it takes a little surgery, but then you have something!

The gadget we are talking about is the Synchron Switch, an implant that allows devices like an iPhone or an iPad to be controlled completely without hands. For the general consumer it may be a bit unnecessary, but for some it really is a very nice solution.

iPhone and iPad controllable with your brain

So the Synchron Switch is an implant. By using a wide selection of sensors, running through blood vessels, it is possible to send thoughts to devices. As soon as the user thinks of moving their finger, for example, to select something on an iPhone, it will actually happen.

Synchron is the company behind the intriguing gadget and was the first to win FDA approval. At the time of writing, there are six people in the world using the implant, but obviously there should be many more in the future.

Synchron Switch, iPhone, iPad

To what extent these people can also use Android devices is not clear. Right now, the Synchron Switch only targets the iPhone and iPad. And that’s for a reason.

“We really like iOS and other Apple products because they are so accessible for these kinds of purposes,” co-founder Tom Oxley reveals.

Rodney Gorham

While the Synchron Switch probably seems like a bizarre innovation to many consumers, it is proving to be a real addition for others. A good example is Australian Rodney Gorham. He was formerly a software salesman, but anno 2022 sadly no longer employed due to his illness.

Gorham has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more popularly known as ALS. As you may know, the disease has a significant impact on the physical functions of the human body. Controlling an iPhone or iPad is particularly difficult as a result.

He is among one of six people in the world using the Synchron Switch. By thinking of movements or certain words, he ensures that his illness does not hinder him in his digital life. Something that yet again shows how interesting technology can be.

Go Synchron!

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