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iOS 16 update Gmail and Google News introduces new widgets

Now that iOS 16 is officially available, you can expect all sorts of updates to apps. Think of popular names like Gmail and Google News, for example. Those updates ensure that the apps in question will support the operating system’s new capabilities. Google is currently working hard on all sorts of updates.

For example, you can now download version 6.0.220918 of Gmail, Google’s mail service. Among other things, the new version offers a widget that allows you to instantly see if you have any unread messages. The widget, of course, appears on the lock screen.

iOS 16 emphasizes widgets

The new iOS 16 widget is available in different formats. For example, you can place a one by one circle, which simply shows a number, as well as the Gmail logo. There is also a two-by-one rectangle, which clearly shows how many unread messages you have per section of the Gmail app.

Gmail, iOS 16, widgets, Apple(Image: 9to5Mac)

Finally, you can place a widget above the time period, where you can also quickly read how many unread messages you have. In addition, an update is available for Google News. This concerns version number 5.61, which also offers an iOS 16 widget. We briefly go over the single option with you.

Widget for Google News

The new widget for Google News is only available in the two-by-one format. In that widget, you get to see a recent headline. You’ll see the News logo, as well as the title of the newspaper or website. That’s really all there is. Unfortunately, there are no additional features available.

Now it’s just waiting for updates to Google Maps and the Google search engine. The Maps widget should be able to display real-time traffic information, while the latter widget should provide quick access to Google Lens and voice search. It is not yet known exactly when those updates will arrive.

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