iPad Pro too expensive You can still buy or not

iPad Pro too expensive: You can still buy or not buy these old models

The new iPad Pro comes with a hefty price tag. Those who still want to buy a product from Apple should pay close attention to which iPad they buy. Some products are not worth it.

With the announcement of the latest iPad Pro, quite a few mouths fell open. First, because it’s the thinnest iPad ever made and because of what a wonderful thing it is. But what might impress you even more is the hefty price tag.

Because no, the new iPad Pro is not going to be a bargain. Especially the larger model is going to cost you almost about 1,600 euros. For those who still like to have an iPad, you could also go for an older model. But which one is the best to buy? We figured it out for you.

These iPad models are better to buy

For those who want to go all oldschool and buy one of the first iPads: we have to disappoint you. As with other old devices from Apple, these no longer receive software updates. As a result, downloading apps is practically impossible. Therefore, you are limited to the somewhat newer models.

iPad 9.7-Inch (2018)

This model may almost blow out 5 candles. Nevertheless, this Apple product does not yet fall into the generation that may retire with software. As a matter of fact, this 2018 tablet has almost the same hardware as the 2019 version. This one only has a slightly smaller screen.

Even then, the device is still good to combine with a keyboard, for example. Second-hand, the device goes over the counter for between 250 and 350 euros if you search well. That makes quite a difference compared to the new iPad Pro.

iPad Pro too expensive: These old models you can still buy or not buy (image: Apple)

iPad Air (2019)

The iPad Air series is a family of devices that still offer just a bit more luxury than the “standard” tablets. Among other things, the thing has a better processor than the regular range of iPads. The iPad Air is already ideal for people who enjoy drawing or graphic design on their tablets.

That’s because the distance between the glass screen and the actual pixels is minimal. This makes the thing perfect for use with the Apple Pencil. This 2019 version still uses Touch ID, handy for when you don’t quite like Face ID after all.

iPad Pro too expensive: You can still buy or not buy these old models (image: Apple)

iPad Pro (2019)

2019 is proving to be a good building year for the iPad. For those who don’t quite like the Air after all, there’s the even more luxurious option of the Pro. As with the latest iPhones, this tablet has Face ID. The thing is also pretty on the large side, about the size of a magazine.

You’ll pay a little more for that, of course. Prices for the iPad Pro (2019) are around 500 to 600 euros. The smaller version, the 11-inch one, is obviously a bit cheaper. The thing is still just following Apple’s updates and will continue to do so for quite a while. All in all, a heartily solid choice.

iPad Pro too expensive: These old models you can still buy or not buy at all (image: Apple)

These iPads you better not buy

They’re too old, too expensive or just unnecessary. These iPad models are best left out. There are plenty of other alternatives.

iPad 3

The iPad 3 may be the worst tablet Apple has ever made. The thing was dubbed “the new iPad,” which sounds pretty revolutionary. A year later, its successor came out. That new tablet was more affordable, faster and just plain better.

This version was left behind after only one year on the market. Should anyone try to sell you the thing, get out of here.

iPad Pro too expensive: These old models you can still buy or not buy at all (image: Apple)

iPad mini 1

This little tablet was released at the same time as the iPad 4. It was a smaller, and slightly more affordable, version of the new tablet. At least, that’s what Apple wanted you to think. The thing was certainly smaller, but mostly it had some shortcomings.

First, it didn’t use the new chip that was in its bigger brother. You got a chip from a previous generation. Also, the resolution of the screen was significantly lower. Well you didn’t notice much of that with a smaller screen, but still. Also this generation won’t get any more updates.

iPad (2022)

Apple comes up with more and more variations on their products From the Air to the Pro, every few years there will be another spin-off. And every time, Apple releases a new generation, even of these splits. As a result, the “basic” iPad falls a bit into the background.

Such is the case with the standard version from 2022. The thing is fine, but for practically the same money you can have a Pro or Air from that generation. Sure, you do put in a little more money, but it’s completely worth it. The thing does work fine as a budget option of the newer generation iPads.

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