iPhone makes your toilet as smart as a family doctor

iPhone makes your toilet as smart as a family doctor

Never again will you have to pee into a glass to take a closer look at your urine. The company Withings is releasing a urine scanner that connects to your iPhone and tells you a lot about your health. In fact, it completely turns your iPhone into a family doctor.

One of Apple’s strengths is that it offers so many ways to check your health through the iPhone or Apple Watch. Now there’s a special addition to that: a urine scanner. This will give you even better insight about your body.

Checking your urine with your iPhone

Withings this week announced the U-Scan, a miniature version of a health lab that attaches to a toilet bowl and collects urine for home urine measurements. According to the company, thanks to those measurements, the gadget gives a good idea the state of the body.

The pebble-shaped U-Scan, which is 90 mm in diameter, is designed to collect urine through a collection inlet. When urine is detected through a thermal sensor, a pump is activated that sends the urine to a specific test pod. There, a chemical reaction is read by an optical module.

Multiple measurements

The U-Scan can pass urine through multiple pods to take multiple measurements at the same time. When the measurement is complete, the urine is flushed through a drain outlet and the U-Scan is cleaned when you flush the toilet.

The U-Scan is equipped with dozens of mini-test pods that take various health measurements. That information is then sent to the Withings app on the iPhone via WiFi.

Each cartridge of test pods lasts three months before needing to be replaced. The reader itself is rechargeable.

u-scan urine iphoneThe brilliant U-Scan. (Image: Withings)

Multiple users

The U-Scan can be used by multiple people in a household. This is because it is able to distinguish people through a Stream ID feature. Sensors in the reader measure multiple variables of the urine stream and thus manages to identify individuals by determining the movement and distance of the stream. Your pee is thus unique.

U-Scan will first launch in Europe with Nutri Balance and Cycle Sync3 cartridges. Cycle Sync provides menstrual cycle predictions and an ovulation period for women based on hormones and pH levels, among other things. It also assesses water balance and provides information on protein and vegetable balance.

Nutri Balance also provides analysis of specific gravity, pH, vitamin C and ketone levels. It is also able to provide information on fluid and water balance. That way it learns what ideal hydration levels are and whether the balance between protein and vegetables is optimal. So perfect also for athletes.

Withings is launching the U-Scan for iPhone in Europe in the second quarter of 2023 and it will cost 499.95 euros for the reader and one cartridge.