iPhone on your MacBook special holder can be 3D printed

iPhone on your MacBook: special holder can be 3D-printed

During WWDC 2022, Apple announced that consumers can use their iPhone as a webcam for the MacBook. In addition to software, a special holder also enables the functionality. Only it is not yet available.

Designer Jonathan Wright couldn’t wait and decided to design his own holder. One that you can produce yourself, through a 3D printer.

iPhone on your MacBook thanks to special holder

Jonathan Wright shows on Twitter (via iMore) exactly what the special holder will look like. It looks different from the model Apple has shown and seems to work with MagSafe. By means of a round magnetic write-on, the holder can be glued to the back of your iPhone. So it certainly has something in common with the model that Belkin will produce.

Thanks to the work of Jonathan Wright, even before Continuity Camera is available at all, consumers can already attach their iPhone to the MacBook or Mac. This is due to the fact that he shares the necessary files with the world. So you can open them to eventually 3D print the product.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

Designed and printed a Continuity Camera mount for my iMac Pro.

Will modify it for a MacBookPro tomorrow

3D print files: https://t.co/WvvWfmvO3E
Github repo: https://t.co/ZckfVPO6pu

No need to wait for Belkin or whoever is making the actual 3rd party mount. pic.twitter.com/vuOoAZlSUc

– Jonathan Wight (@schwa) June 14, 2022

The model Wright designed is not yet available on all Mac models. For now, only the MacBook Pro and iMac Pro qualify.

A delightful functionality

Continuity Camera is one of the most delicious macOS 13 Ventura features. Namely, it not only allows you to use your iPhone’s camera system as a webcam. It also allows you to record an overhead view of your desk. This would be possible with the help of the smartphone’s ultra-wide-angle lens.

By the way, during the WorldWide Developers Conference 2022, which took place last week, Apple announced even more cool features. For example, macOS 13 Ventura will also get support for PassKey functionality. Would you like to know more about that or admire the entire operating system? Then the above article is without a doubt something for you.

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