Is TikTok the new threat to Netflix and HBO

Is TikTok the new threat to Netflix and HBO Max?

TikTok is having a distinct impact on the way we watch movies and series. This works positively and negatively for services such as HBO Max and Netflix.

TikTok is one of the most popular apps right now, with more than 4 million users in the Netherlands alone. Where TikTok began as an app with dance and lip sync videos, the platform is now home to many different types of content.

Something you’re increasingly encountering on TikTok are clips from movies and series. These are often one- or two-minute videos where a particular scene from a popular series or movie from streaming services such as HBO Max or Netflix is played. But these clips have a lot of effect on how some users watch movies and series.

TikTok vs. HBO Max and Netflix

TikTok is half turning into a free HBO Max or Netflix. People would post clips from movies and series of one or two minutes, but then they would also post many of these clips right after each other. You can watch entire episodes of series on TikTok, all you have to do is scroll. This can have a positive and negative effect on the series in question.

Positive effect

These short clips can certainly have a positive effect on the films and series whose videos are posted. For example, the short videos actually act as a kind of preview of a series. People kind of know where they stand when they do choose to watch the series.


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It is also a kind of extra advertising for the movies and series. There are several Reddit users who admit that they started the HBO Max series Young Sheldon because of TikTok. Indeed, many clips of this series are shared on the app.

Negative effect

Still, it’s not all so positive for everyone. In fact, TikTok becomes not only a free signboard, but also a free streaming service. People can just watch movies and series completely for free on TikTok which means fewer people will watch them on streaming services.

With long series like Young Sheldon on HBO Max, this is not a problem very quickly, but things like movies suffer more from this. If someone can already watch half a movie on TikTok, they are not going to watch it again on a streaming service any time soon.

Still, series also have drawbacks to their presence on TikTok. For example, several Reddit users also say that they have never watched an actual episode of Young Sheldon on a streaming service, but watch everything on social media app. If you know there will be another free episode on TikTok anyway, it’s just as easy to wait for it.


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TikTok is unlikely to replace real streaming services such as HBO Max and Netflix. What is clear, however, is that TikTok is definitely having an impact on the way people watch movies and series. After all, people like fast and free.

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