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Is WhatsApp no longer pulling in photos and videos? Here’s how to fix it

You receive messages, images and videos via WhatsApp every day. What can you do if you have problems downloading media files? OMT editor Sabine lists some handy tips so you can get photos and videos back in in no time.

Do your friends forward you memes or funny movies via WhatsApp, but can’t manage to download them? There are a number of possible solutions to this. We’ll go over those with you in this article.

WhatsApp troubleshooting

#1 Connection

We’ll start with an open door. Do you even have an active Internet connection? Check if you are connected to wifi or on 4G/5G. You may have received the media file on WhatsApp when you did have an active connection, but are now without internet. It happens to the best of us!

#2 Storage for WhatsApp

If this has been ruled out as the cause, the most obvious is that your device’s storage is full. Check your Android smartphone or iPhone to see how much storage you have left and free up some extra space if necessary.

WhatsApp iPhone iOS📱 (Image: Unsplash)

#3 Consent

Do you have a new device or recently changed something in your settings? Make sure WhatsApp has permission to access your photo app. You control this in your smartphone’s settings, in the apps section.

#4 Restart

When there are problems with technology, a certain question is often asked. And that’s what we’re going to do now: have you already turned the device off and on again? Restart your device for a while. Possibly everything will work as before.

WhatsApp Facebook MessengerThe popular app! (Image: M.H. via Pixabay)

#5 Updating WhatsApp

It is important to update all your apps regularly. With WhatsApp, it’s no different. Running into problems with the messaging service? Then check whether there might be a new update ready on Android or iOS. Often all your problems then disappear like snow in the sun.

#6 Malfunction

Who says it is your fault that WhatsApp is not working properly? There is a chance that WhatsApp is suffering from an outage. This happens once in a while with messaging services. Current outages of apps, sites and online services can be found on sites such as