Kiss your lover remotely with the most bizarre iPhone gadget

Kiss your lover remotely with the most bizarre iPhone gadget ever

Cagey lockdowns in China don’t just cause, say, iPhone production problems. It also provides the world with an extremely bizarre gadget that we’re not so sure exactly what to say about.

Because citizens have to stay at home, human contact is virtually impossible. Painful if you have to miss your loved one because of this. Startup Siweifushe senses your grief and comes with mechanical lips for a spicy kiss from a distance. Yes, really…

Remote kissing with bizarre iPhone gadget

Meet the MUA. Named after the sound one makes while kissing and the solution for missing your lover. All you need is two such devices, an iPhone and shitty discomfort.

How it works. You hold the device to your lips while talking on the phone with your lover doing the same. The iPhone, which by the way can be used hands-free through a holder above the lips, simultaneously runs an app that tracks kissing data (yes, really).

Then you make a kissing motion, your partner does the same, and the feast can begin. The iPhone gadget then makes a sound, gets warmer during a kiss, and mimics your kissing motion excellently.

Sounds terrifying, looks totally off, but is a success. Reportedly, Siweifushe has already sold 3,000 units and more than 20,000 orders have been placed. Price tag: 260 Chinese yuan or 35 euros.

Definitely not the first

While the idea is insane, but somewhere cool, MUA is certainly not the first of its kind. According to Reuters, the iPhone gadget is heavily inspired by the Kiss Transmission Machine that researchers at University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo launched in 2011.

A similar gadget appeared in Malaysia in 2016. The Institute for Imaging Research marketed the Kissenger at the time.

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